I had thought of putting myself in as an attendee however I did speak at WLC on several occasions and events so I guess that would make me an instructor.  Anyway I was known as “The Mystic Traveler” – I have a tendency to just “show up” at conferences and events including WLC.  I first became aware of WLC from Bob Lawrence and Frances Warfield.  I believe I may have actually ridden there with them the first time I was at WLC, which would be really odd for me.  I tend to always drive myself to where ever I am going and sometimes have people riding with me.

As the Mystic Traveler I am able to “find” events, activities, places to stay, places to eat and things to do.  I very often just get a “feeling” to say leave the Interstate here and “find” delightful places to eat or things to do.  I also am good at getting people from one group, event or activity to attend or join with others who are moving in the same direction but are not aware of each other.

I am good at say finding great places to eat when in cities that I have never been before.  At conferences and conventions people learn (or not) to ride with or follow me during lunch and supper breaks and I will take them to really good places to eat.  People phone and email me when they are traveling as to where they should stop to eat and I can recommend places even in town or cities where I have never been or have heard of.

I might for example be in a grocery store and notice someone in front of the coffee display and be able to recommend to them a brand of coffee even though they are total strangers to me.  I do the same with restaurants.  I might recommend a group, event, teacher, book, web site to people who “I feel” need this or are ready for this information.

I am a geek, a nerd, a techie and always have been long before these words were invented.  I mess with technology, gadgets, and devices and have a natural understanding of how these things work and how to use them.  That means I am able to show others how to use or utilize these things.  I created this website for example.  I like many geeks am reserved, introverted and shy around people I do not know.  I tend to be a loner – often living and traveling alone.  I am able to show up where I need to be and do what I need to do without things like maps, calendars or notes.  I have often gotten the feeling to take a drive with no idea of where I am going or why and end up at a lecture, conference, with a group or meeting someone who I had no awareness existed.   WLC was like that – I would get the feeling to “show” and just go there or be driving somewhere else and get I needed to WLC and I would go – I am talking off-season  when normally there would be no one there except Don & Charlene – I would often “run” into someone else that was there or shortly after arriving someone else would arrive.

I have been instrumental in a number of cases where person A needs to attend event B or meet person C or go to location D or event E – quite often it is about how person A needs to meet and work with person B to achieve something.  I tell them, or take person A to person B – sort of hard to explain but in doing that I brought Sierra to WLC her first time there knowing WLC was a place she needed to be aware of and which would become very important to her.  Same thing with Jeff and Coni Limpert who are helping get this website together.

In fact a short time ago – just a few weeks I was getting start a Warren Light Center website, I sort of just ignored that at first but very early one morning at 4AM the Universe woke me up and before I could get my coffee made I had done a search to see if the Domain was even available, purchased and registered the Domain and shortly after breakfast put the basics of this site together.   This is not my site – it is your site I am only the person who created it, put it together and now make it available to you to use, add to and expand.

I find I am quite often the catalyst that brings people, places, events, activities together so that they can interact while I move on to do the same elsewhere, quite often never knowing why nor asking why.

In closing I am putting together some “snap shots” of various people involved with WLC hoping that other will come and add to these and expand the conversation.

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