APORCEE – began as a vision by Don Anderson of the symbols on the second page – he than came to realize that rather than being symbols this drawing was actually a blueprint for a structure.  Here are Don’s Comments:

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  1. Finished re-reading Don’s Letter “The House of Aprocee” today.

    His antidotes to confusion are worth remembering:

    “When I honor you and respect your choices to follow the light as you see it, my mind becomes free of fear,anger and confusion.

    “When I rediscover I alone can choose to allow my world to change, my mind becomes free of the need to hold you responsible for the conditions of my world.

    “When I realize that flaws I may see in you are also in me, my mind becomes free to understand and accept this: I create the obstacles to my clear view of our true unity of being.”

    It strikes me that Don’s message in his letter is different that the experience of being in the structure and it’s associated energies . Can anyone help me understand the the relationship between the three?

    – Jeff