I remember that my husband, Louis Peterson III, sat on the floor in the APORCEE structure to my left about three feet away. We were facing the same way. I remember feeling higher than we were. Our experience was amazing. I was sitting out in space in total silence. There was no one there. I had absolutely nothing around me.

My son, Louis Peterson IV (everyone knew him by his middle name Andy back then), saw pieces of the structure laying in the pavilion to be painted. Now that he mentioned that, I remember it as well. Andy does not remember much about his experience when sitting in the structure.

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  1. I knew Don Anderson. I stayed at the Warren Light Center for 4 months. I was given a Star Chart. Is is there any way I can visit the Center.

    1. Gregory, Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and leave a couple of messages. I can answer your question about the Center. The property is sold to and we are no longer allowed on the grounds. I have no further information.

      If you wish to be in contact with WLC people who are on Facebook, we have a private group. Contact me if you are on Facebook and would like an invitation to it. I can be found by searching for “Jeffrey A Limpert.”

      Also, if you would like to write a short piece about your memories of the Warren Light Center We’d be happy to receive it. Leave a message here if you are interested and I can give you an email address to send it to.

      Thanks again,

      – Jeff Limpert