Don and his wife Charlene were long time permanent residents of Warren light center.  They lived in a mobile home that was located at the bend where to the left was the landing field and to the right was the main part of the center itself.

Don was the caretaker of the land.  He made the electric and water work.  He mowed and carried for the land.  Was involved with the building of the permanent structures and their maintenance.  Prior to gatherings and events several large tents would be put up for the classes and workshops.  Don would put up these tents and also take them down after the event and store them.

Don had a vision which resulted in a drawing that sort of resembled a mandala or a sacred symbol.  This he had hanging in his mobile home as a painting for a number of years.  Spirit was able to show Don that this symbol was actually a physical structure.  Don following the guidance of  Spirit turned this symbol into a physical structure that he built according the Guidance he got from Spirit.  The structure became known as the APORCEE – it was of a very exacting shape and size that Don was led to physically build.  One could enter the structure from the bottom and go up to a level in the center.  Many people spent time in the APORCEE and had a number of profound experiences there.  The APORCEE was a portal that would take people beyond the known physical reality, the APORCEE at WLC was only one place that interconnected with other portals that were located in various times and places in the Universe and in other dimensions as well.  While many people who were involved with the APROCEE experience were able to go inside the structure, get quiet and then could travel to other portals mentally or spiritually some were able to physically travel – they were able to enter the APORCEE and travel taking their physical body with them.  The interior of the APORCEE was large enough for several people to be there at the same time and there were reports of  two, three or four people entering the structure.  They together would shift their consciousness to be open to the portals and the alternate realities that the APORCEE was interconnected with.  Every so often when they would return to normal consciousness one or two of the people who had entered the structure them would no longer physically be there.  They would descend down  to the bottom and leave the structure thinking that the ones missing had already left.  Often when these events happened they would return to the grounds and not be able to locate the others that were in the structure with  them any where on the grounds.  The person(s) who had become physically absent while in the structure would return physically in anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours only to find that the other with them had already left, or there were people there that were not the same ones who were there when they went in and very often upon return they would experience episodes of  “missing time”.  This was particularly so when they were physically absent for several hours.  They felt like they had been in the structure for a few minutes  and find out that several hours had passed.

Of course other would go in there and absolutely nothing would happen nor would they experience anything.  The APORCEE was also a two-way portal.  From time to time people would emerge from the structure who had no idea where they were or how they got there.  They did not arrive at WLC via the road and the gate and had not idea where WLC was located.  These would return to the structure and would return to the portal where they had physically originated.

Besides being the caretaker of WLC and the builder of the APORCEE Don would go through a particular chant at the APORCEE at least twice everyday – not just the days when others were there – everyday.  The chant had been given to him from the same source that the original drawing had come from.  The chanting established and maintained the energy.  When Don passed on the APORCEE failed to work as it had at least for a number of people.  There were some painting made of the APORCEE which some have said are able to create the same effects when looking at them or photos of them were able to create the same effects of the structure itself.  There were some recordings of Don’s chanting at the APOCREE that also have been said to bring about similar experience of being in the structure itself .

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