By Ronald Headley on May 19, 2012

Jeff was a resident.  One of the people that rented one of the cabins on the WLC grounds.  He would go there and spend time on the grounds.

You will see Jeff on other areas of this site.  He is helping getting the site going – getting it organized and contributing to the sites development.

Jeff spent time on the grounds and attended several of the gatherings.  Jeff has written a book – Unfolding – based on some of his experiences of WLC.  In the book WLC is the basis of his fictional Spiritual Center  called Brightwood.  A number of the people involved with WLC center are depicted in the book.  Jeff has a web site about the book at Unfolding Series

His book Unfolding: Awaking and Unfolding: Nexus can be purchased on Amazon.

Unfolding Series on Amazon

Kindle Edition

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  1. Thanks, Ron.

    Unfolding Series is a fictional account of the lives everyday psychics experience while living in the modern world. The fist book Unfolding: Awakening introduces the initial characters and describes the process of awakening.

    The second (soon-to-be-released) novel Unfolding: Nexus is the story of life at camp. It is a camp similar to, but very differnt from, the Warren Light Center. – The stories are fiction afterall 😉

    The residents of the camp, named “Brightwood,” do have their peculiarities, but are generally better adjusted than many of us were, searching and adapting to life as we began to see it from a different worldview. These characters serve as guides or mentors to the people visiting camp for the first time. It is hoped they will become role models for readers who are interested in studying what we’ve found and experienced.

    As the novels progress, I expect the “old hands” will face challenges unique to their backgrounds as presented within the arc of the story. In most cases, the characters are completely made up or are composites of a number of people I’ve met at various stages in life. There will be several who you may say, “I know who they really are!” and you might be right about a few.

    Individual scenes contain what I call “seeds of truth” which are planted and allowed to flourish in their fictional environment. Our stories remain our own to reveal, or not. In several scenes I have given a full account of my personal experience. The Inipi or sweat lodge for example, is a composite of two ceremonies I participated in. Each was such a strong and moving event I could not tell it without revealing all that happened to me. The fiction is in the participants who were present and the use of two people to represent what I saw and felt.

    The camp itself is about the same size, but a bit better maintained. Additions that were not at WLC include a labyrinth and a portion with clearings set aside to represent The Tree of Life.

    If it remains my calling to write about this lifestyle connected to a spiritual retreat, I am sure other aspects of WLC will become manifest.