Charlene, Don Anderson’s wife lived full-time at Warren Light Center for a number of years.  Charlene registered the attendees,  put together the program booklets, kept up with things like correspondence, the mailing lists, getting things mailed, and making her home open to anyone that showed up at WLC either during events or when there was no one other than Don and her on the grounds.  Charlene took phone calls for instructors and attendees during events and made certain people got messages.  She would make certain meals and the people preparing them were on track.  That restaurant reservations were done or that caterers where on site and prepared.  There were no cell phones so her phone in their trailer was often the only form of communication into or out of the center.  In fact even in later years many when there were cell phones many of them did not work at all at WLC.

Charlene moved from the Center to eastern Ohio where she is now located.  It is my hope to get an oral history of WLC from Charlene and post that here on the site.  She probably knows more of the history of WLC and the people attending or involved there than any other living person.

Charlene always made people feel welcome and was instrumental in helping make their experience at the center go well.

You could drop into WLC just about any evening when nothing was going on and find Don and Charlene out in front of their mobile home with a camp fire going and very often fresh coffee made a few minutes before unexpected visitors arrived – or just dropped by.  Charlene collected the money for events,  from people camping on the grounds when there was nothing going on and in general making people feel welcome and comfortable being there.

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