By Ronald Headley on May 19, 2012

Sierra – a kind, gentle soul who began showing up at WLC in the 70s.

Sierra has been at a lot of gatherings and activities and often would spend days at a time on the grounds – in fact she still can be found there from time to time.

Sierra and WLC Center just sort of became attached to each other.  An attachment that is ongoing.

Sierra is an instructor but she also is a resident in that she has been one of the people to live part-time on the grounds sometimes for weeks at a time in one of the cabins.

Sierra became a Firewalking instructor in the late 70s and has led a number of Firewalks at Warren Light Center as well as many other places over the last several decades.

This is Sierra’s “corner” of the Warren Light Center – a place for her to share some of her amazing experiences and insights.

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