Sol Lewis was the founder of the Michigan Metaphysical Society

Sol Lewis was a frequent participant at the WLC gatherings.  Sol was very active and a very popular speaker, teacher and instructor.   Sol often brought a number of people with him from Michigan.

Besides being very knowledgeable in metaphysics and an impressive, inspiring teacher was also very skilled in Hypnosis and in using Hypnosis for positive live changes. See Hypnosis Sessions

Awareness by Sol Lewis

Thanks to members of Sol Lewis’s family for permission to offer—for viewing only—his complete book Awareness on the Warren Light  Center site.

Important: All copyrights to Awareness by Sol Lewis are owned solely by the children of Sol Lewis. You are granted only the right to view or listen to this copyrighted material while on this site. Republishing, redistributing, or copying this material in any form is only allowed with the express written permission of Sol Lewis’s children.

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