by Melodie Peterson

How do you do it?

I always go by guidance in every channeling session. I wait for a time when I feel exceptionally well, that I’m in high spirit, that I’m well rested, and in a positive peaceful space.

I state my intention and ask, “Who wants to work with me?”

Sometimes it’s a tree wand, sometimes my selerite wand, other stones and at times my familiar Kanika (cat.)

I light a candle, burn sage (at times, ) and sing The Lord’s Prayer. I state the name of the person or animal and ask permission to speak to their Higher Self. I visualize that I am connecting my roots to Mother Earth and my crown chakra to the heavens.

I stop the traffic in my brain. I make total peace in my head – no sound – no thought. Analogy: I’m a plane sitting and waiting for that moment to be given the go-ahead. Sometimes I take off fast, and write quickly.

Other times Guidance comes slow. I mark out the things that I recognize to be negative. I know that I am off track at that point and am getting interference. If that happens I call on an angel or master to help me reconnect or Kanika shows up.

I pay attention to my body language, feelings, visions, song, dreams as follow-ups or extra thoughts that I get later.

I pay attention to what the words mean at the moment that I receive them.

Sometimes I go to the dictionary afterwards to pick the best possible word that capture sa given time and that thought. Afterwards, I also remember something or Guidance changes a few words as I proofread and copy.

I just know when to close out each session because of my body language.

Suddenly I come back to an alert state. This is my cue as confirmation. Often before this moment in channeling my cat Kanika jumps off my lap.

Why do I channel?

It’s something I did before I knew that was what I was doing. I’ts something that I always wanted to do. I have the awareness that it is tangible; that it’s within the reach of perceptibility.

What do you get from it?

I the synchronicities that are confirmation. There is always something that I get in messages that intrigues me; that raises interest at times prompts research because it raises my curiosity. This teaches me!

I receive words to use and when I learn their meaning realize that they are perfect for a specific place in my reading. This brings me understanding, growth, and satisfaction.

I acknowledge that channeling is a sacred gift that is meant to share. I am eager to share my message with my client. I often receive confirmation by others’ reaction. They want to know how I know certain things. I also receive confirmation that it’s truth by my body’s reaction in feeling energy or crying.

Channeling is a way that I can serve mankind.

By answering questions I am guiding them, spreading Light and healing to them. I am also helping them perceive certain things to help them make decisions.

How has it changed your life?

It’s encouraging me to loosen up, relax more, meditate more. When I channel I share my experiences (messages) that are then shared and this sparks conversation and both parties grow.

I reach new heights (figuratively.) My energy level is getting stronger. Channeling is contributing to my confidence. The most rewarding thing is that channeling is helping me become a happier person since I partook in it. I’m more fun to be around because I’m totally myself. I am now embracing my I AM and acknowledging myself more.

The following is an example of the confirmation that I receive: If Bettie Mavity had to pass through some physically challenging time, a group of us would do long distance healing for her.

When I told her some of the things that I said and did during the healing (shared that with her,) she gave me feedback. She experienced the same things. Bettie is very intuitive and she has incredible visions. This is long distance healing, but in Spirit — close. The outcome of the healing was that she relaxed so the pain could subside and she went to sleep for the night.



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