While the original Warren Light Center is currently a place that used to be, there is a new extension.  Shirley Baum who lives a short distance from the original WLC has been continuing some of the traditions by having gatherings at her property.  This section of the WLC site is about those activities.  Several of the Warren Light Center II leaders, instructors and attendees are from the original WLC group.  There is space for those that are involved in continuing the WLC tradition at the new location WLC-II

Some of the people in this section also have sections on the WLC site

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  1. Hello. I was a part of Limping Snow Wolf Sweat Lodges in the late 90’s. I also did Women’s Lodges (native American).. on the same weekend as the Sweat Lodges…I also lead the Women’s Long Dance for several years. I was just browsing and to my surprise I found you… I understand you are at a different location now and I would love to come visit. I am now 75 years old but would love to connect with you. Please respond if you can. Dopska. Aho

    1. We are happy that you found us and wish you good luck in reconnecting with friends. There is a private WLC group on Facebook. Please leave a reply if you are on Facebook and would like to join it.