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  1. Good Morning,
    My name is Donald Palko I currently live and work in the New London, Connecticut area and was a member of the Metaphysical Research Group of Sharon, PA. in the 1980’s. We were good friends with Bill and Angela Dye and the boys. We frequented the WLC quite a bit in those days. The group was headed by Taumi Rust who is no longer with us, along with a group of individuals John Linonis (He still lives in the Shenango Valley) Pete Fedak (Lives in the Greenville PA area (Last I heard)) and others I am not sure of anyone else of that group that survives. You can find me on Facebook at DonaldGreatOakPalko. I have been a practitioner of the Martial Arts since October 1979 and have trained with many Sensei along the way…So give me a shout at my email….See you Later Sensei Donald Palko (Founder of the Great Oak Karate Style).