The Warren Light Center is a metaphysical retreat consisting of 271 acres located amid 2,000 acres of undeveloped lands of natural woodland beauty. The WLC boasts of its physical beauty and its tranquil serenity. It is hallowed ground where one could come to succumb to the solitude of the natural world and visit with one’s higher self to re-evaluate life’s problems, accomplishments, and to become aware of one’s place in this physical, spiritual and soul evolvement.

The WLC, located near Franklin, Pennsylvania, is a meeting place for those who seek a greater understanding of themselves and the Universe. They can meet in a relaxed atmosphere to exchange ideas and views with other sincere seekers.

The WLC desires to present speakers who can offer ideas and concepts that will open new realms of philosophical and spiritual exploration for the seeker. There is no attempt on our part to present any particular philosophy or concept as an ultimate finality.

The WLC holds the Summer Solstice Conference on the weekend around the Summer Solstice and additional weekend workshops throughout the year. Speakers and teachers of various branches of philosophy and spirituality are invited to share their knowledge, views, and beliefs to interested Seekers of Truth.

The beliefs and opinions of the speakers at these conferences and/or workshops are not necessarily those of the WLC or its Advisement Council.

The WLC believes that all people in their own way, at their own time, come to that degree of understanding which prepares them for the next phase or degree of life. If your experience at the retreat helps to open new realms of understanding, clarifies or enlarges currently held concepts, then the Purpose of the Warren Light Center will be fulfilled.

The Warren Light Center

Welcomes You!


Note: This document is provided through the courtesy of Chantal Jacques.

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