This is a continuation of the photos taken in June 2012 at the Warren Light Center.  Click on any photo to open it in a light box that allow you to advance to each photo.


Bills house and trailer
Bills house and trailer from the back area of WLC

Ridge trail to Arean
Trail that follows the ridge and goes to the Area

Memory Lane Memorial
Memory Lane Memorial to WLC leaders

Memorial 1
Memorial Dedicated to Leaders & Teachers WLC

Memoral 2
Memorial Dedicated to Leaders & Teachers WLC

small arean Pavilion
Small Arena east of Pavilion

South East side Pavilion
South East side Pavilion

North East Pavilion
North East Side Pavilion

Pavilion Kitchen area
Inside Pavilion Kitchen area to the West

Pavilion South
Pavilion South side main area

Pavilion South East
Pavilion South East corner – wood stove

Pavilion North East main area
Pavilion North East main area

Pavilion North Wall
Pavilion North wall

Pavilion Main area and Kitchen
Pavilion Main Area and Kitchen

pavilion Memoria North
Pavilion Memorial area inside north entrance

Pavilion Main entrance
Pavilion Main Entrance – kitchen & memorial

Pavilion West side
Pavilion West Side (back of kitchen)

Storage Building & Deck
Storage Building west of Pavilion & Picnic Deck

tent table storage
Tents, chairs, tables, were stored here

Guardian trees
Guardian Trees from main arena area

Main Arena
Main Arena Area (west)

Main Arena Area
Main Arena Area from Guardian Trees

Arena and Pavilion
Arena area – Pavilion from Guardian trees area

Mian Outhouse
Main outhouse across the road from the Arena

main outhouse
Main Outhouse – 6 hole – 3 womens in front 3 mens in back

Main outhouse - one stall
Main Outhouse – one stall

Don & Charlene trailer
Base where Don & Charlene’s Trailer was

Don and Charlene trailer
Porch and base – Don & Charlene’s Trailer

Don & Charelene Anderson site
Don & Charlene’s Trailer site

Anderson Site
Anderson site – remain of shed for mowers


APORCEE site 2nd view
APORCEE site 2nd view
u[[er cabin and trailer area
Upper Cabin and trailer area

Landig Field
Curve in road – Landing field behind

Landing Field
Landing Field

wide view landing field
Wide view landing field

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